General information about room acoustics

What areas of application are there for sound absorbers?

Sound absorbers are used to optimize room acoustics in various environments, including offices, conference rooms, gaming rooms, home studios, rehearsal rooms, public spaces and private households. By minimizing disruptive echo effects, they improve speech intelligibility and create a more pleasant acoustic environment.

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How do sound absorbers work?

Sound absorbers improve room acoustics by absorbing sound waves and converting them into heat. This prevents reflections and reduces reverberation in the room.

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Can sound absorbers reduce outside or neighborhood noise?

Sound absorbers are primarily designed to optimize room acoustics and minimize reverberation. They absorb sound, minimize echo and reverberation in the room and thus help reduce noise. However, they cannot significantly reduce noise that is transmitted from room to room or from outside.


What makes FENNEXT special?

FENNEXT has made it its mission to combine outstanding room acoustics with an appealing aesthetic experience. We use high-quality raw materials, offer an impressive color palette and unique surface finishes that not only look great but are also pleasant to touch. In addition, our absorbers are tested for harmful substances and free of unpleasant odors.

What differentiates the FENNEXT product lines from each other?

The FENNEXT Velvet, Hybrid and Classic Line offer highly effective sound absorbers with a striking design. Each line has its own focus, from the unique look and feel of the Velvet line to the maximum sound absorption values ​​of the Hybrid and Classic lines.

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How efficient are the FENNEXT sound absorbers?

FENNEXT sound absorbers offer extremely effective, high-quality and aesthetically pleasing solutions to improve room acoustics. An outstanding feature of our products is their high sound absorption .

Our sets contain sound absorbers with different material thicknesses and types that significantly reduce reverberation across a wide frequency spectrum. This includes low, bass-heavy frequencies as well as higher frequencies, including the human voice.

In our online shop you will find detailed product information, including excerpts from test reports and information on the degree of sound absorption.

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How many sound absorbers do I need for my room?

The amount of sound absorbers required varies depending on the size of the room and acoustic requirements. As a rule of thumb: For slight reverberation, around 10% of the empty wall surface should be provided with sound absorbers, for increased reverberation around 20% and for strong reverberation around 30%.

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Where should sound absorbers be placed?

Sound absorbers should ideally be positioned opposite the sound source to achieve the greatest effect. They should be placed so that they absorb the so-called initial reflections.

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How are sound absorbers installed?

We recommend the included TESA adhesive tape for installing our sound absorbers. Alternatively, special acoustic glue, magnetic solutions or nano pads can be used.

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Can sound absorbers be used in damp rooms?

Our sound absorbers are designed for use in normal indoor environments and should not be used in areas with high humidity or direct contact with water.

Order, shipping and payment

Can sets and colors be put together individually?

We currently do not offer individual set combinations. However, we are working on appropriate solutions. Stay up to date by visiting our website and Instagram page regularly.

Which countries does FENNEXT deliver to?

We currently only deliver within Germany via our online shop. However, we plan to expand our shipping area to more European countries in the near future.

How much are the shipping costs and how long does delivery take?

The shipping costs are already included in the price of the sound absorber starter sets. If available, you can expect a delivery time of 2-3 working days.

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