FENNEXT sound absorbers offer highly effective, high-quality
and at the same time visually appealing options
to optimize your room acoustics.

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Highly sound-absorbing

Probably the most central point of our products: They are highly SOUND ABSORBING. There
Our sets contain sound absorbers with different material thicknesses and types of material, you noticeably reduce the reverberation across all relevant frequencies - from low, bass-heavy frequencies to higher frequencies including the human voice.

On our product data sheets in the shop you will find all the technical data including excerpts from the test reports as well as information on the level of sound absorption.

See for yourself!

About the sound absorbers

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  • Refined surfaces

    What makes us unique? The
    Premium surfaces of our sound absorbers! To ensure that the absorbers not only function excellently, but also look high-quality, each of our products is refined using special finishing processes.

    This includes, for example, the flock order that ours
    VELVET absorbers ensure a velvety-soft surface. The fleece absorbers, on the other hand, use a special thermal pressing process that smoothes the surface of the product and gives it a unique look. Misting with an optimized acoustic color ensures an elegant finish.

  • Highest quality

    Our claim is quality
    and value at the highest level. Because we want to offer our customers the perfect symbiosis of acoustics, optics and feel. We therefore attach great importance to quality assurance across all areas - from the procurement of our materials to the production of the absorbers to order processing and customer support.

    If you are still not satisfied, please let us know - this is the only way we can learn and improve. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

  • sustainability

    The environment is very important to us. We therefore rely on long-lasting materials that have been tested for harmful substances as well as environmentally friendly production. Our FENNEXT acoustic fleece sound absorbers, for example, are made from 100% PET staple fibers. Recycled materials from PET bottles are used, among other things, for production. The fibers are thermally and mechanically solidified without chemical binders.

    When selecting our suppliers, we value regionality, sustainable supply chains and short transport routes.

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Can be combined individually

Our sound absorbers can be individually combined: You can put together our different sets as you wish and continually expand them, depending on which materials, colors and shapes you like. This is how you create your own acoustic work of art – according to your needs. You set the tone! ⁠

By the way, we are always very happy
if you share your setups with us. Simply write us a message or link us on your creations on Instagram and use the hashtag #FENNEXT.

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  • Free from harmful substances

    Our absorbers are tested for harmful substances and are produced in an environmentally friendly manner. To strengthen the fibers, we use tried-and-tested thermal and mechanical processes in the manufacturing process and therefore do not use chemical binders.

    The absorbers do not emit any unpleasant odors and can therefore be installed without hesitation - whether as gaming decoration, as an acoustic picture for the office or as recording equipment.

  • Durable

    Our sound absorbers are designed to ensure that you benefit from them in the long term. The reverberation is permanently reduced and the room acoustics are improved. The high-quality surfaces are durable and easy to care for - you can find out how easy they are in our manual, which is included with every order.

    All absorbers can be combined with each other as desired, so that you can create limitless variety and continually adapt your acoustic image to your current requirements.

  • Unique design

    Our absorber design is unique! During development, we placed great emphasis on the smallest details - such as the beveled edges of the Basotect® absorbers as a visual highlight in the hybrid starter sets. We stand for innovative and timeless design that not only creates a unique look in every room, but also optimizes the room acoustics. Thanks to our selection of different shapes, colors and materials, you can individually design your acoustic setups and create real eye-catchers.