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Sound absorber assembly: How you can attach our sound absorbers

We are currently receiving isolated feedback that the adhesive tape does not stick to the FENNEXT Velvet absorbers and the absorbers are falling off the wall. We are already working on a sustainable optimization measure.
If you are also affected, please contact us and we will find a solution together - we promise!

In this blog article you will find out how you can mount our FENNEXT sound absorbers on the wall or ceiling. In addition to mounting with adhesive tape, we also present two alternative mounting options. Here we go!

How are acoustic absorbers installed?

    1. Unpack 

      Unpack sound absorber assembly fennext

      Before you can start actually assembling the sound absorbers, take a look at your FENNEXT package - if you haven't already done so :) In the package you should find: YourFENNEXT sound absorbers (number and color depending on the set you ordered), that Tesa assembly tape , the quick guide and the assembly instructions (manual)


        2. Position and mark 

        Position sound absorber assembly fennext

        So that the sound absorbers can be installed in a targeted manner, determine their position in advance and mark them accordingly. It is best to align the absorbers flush with one another or with an even gap between them. Feel free to receive design suggestions on our website

        Inspire Instagram page . In our blog article about the correct position of sound absorbers, we also introduce you to a few methods that can help you optimally align the absorbers.

        Tip : If the sound absorbers are positioned at a distance from each other, the inward-facing side surfaces also have a sound-absorbing effect. The total acoustic area increases.

        Important: In order for the adhesive to develop its full adhesive strength, the selected area on the wall or ceiling must be carefully cleaned (free of dust and grease). 

        3. Apply

        Sound absorber assembly with assembly adhesive

        After the layout has been determined, the sound absorbers are attached with the special assembly adhesive provided: To do this, attach six adhesive dots to the edges or corners of the absorbers (see illustration).

        Important: the surface of the absorbers must also be dry, clean and dust-free. You should also only apply the glue at temperatures between +5°C and +40°C.

        4. Assemble 

        Sound absorber assembly mount fennext

        After careful preparation, the actual installation of the sound absorbers is quick and easy: place the absorber in the desired position and press it on with even pressure for approx. 15 seconds. The glue sticks very quickly, so short-term corrections are still possible. Complete!


        Note: The included mounting adhesive has been tested and selected with the utmost care and therefore offers a mounting option that should work in most cases. Unfortunately, such a solution cannot adhere 100% to all surfaces due to different conditions. For this reason, we present two alternative concepts for installing our sound absorbers below. 

        Alternative options for mounting the sound absorbers: attach acoustic foam etc

        As an alternative to the attachment described above with the included mounting tape, there is the option of attaching acoustic foam, Basotect foam and HIFI acoustic fleece with mounting tape or magnets . To do this, proceed as follows:

        Fastening with mounting tape or Velcro 

        A first alternative to the assembly adhesive we provide is an assembly tape.

        The assembly tape is characterized by its easy and mostly non-destructive use. It can also be used on many different surfaces. However, not for everyone. The assembly tape reaches its limits, especially on surfaces that are particularly rough or structured. However, non-destructive disassembly is easier than with assembly adhesive. For this reason, the assembly tape is the perfect use for rental apartments, for example.


        • Prepare sound absorber installation fennext
          Spread the absorber out and place it on a surface with the back facing up
        • Cut assembly tape into strips
        • Attach two strips at the top and bottom
        • Let it rest for 15 minutes so that the adhesion to the absorber can build up
        • Apply the absorbers to the desired position using pressure. The adhesive sticks very quickly, so subsequent correction is only possible to a limited extent

            Magnetic attachment

            The sound absorbers can also be installed on the wall or ceiling using neodymium magnets. A big advantage here is that the arrangement of the absorbers can be changed quickly again and again. Once the magnets are on the wall, you can try out a wide variety of arrangement and color combinations.
            You will need the following accessories to mount the sound absorbers with magnets : 

            Assembly steps: 

            Sound absorber mounting magnet fennext
            • Remove loose dust/lint/dirt from the back of the sound absorbers 
            • Remove the protective film from the metal disc and stick the metal disc in the middle along the upper edge 
            • Glue 3 anti-slip pads to the back of the absorber to later balance the distance to the wall (“3/6/9 o’clock position”) 
            • Attach the neodymium magnets to the wall in the desired position 

            There are several options for this: 

            Sound absorber assembly nail screw tesa fennext
            1. Fastening with screw + dowel (very robust & durable) 
            2. Fastening with nail (less residue compared to screw, but less fixation in orthogonal direction) 
            3. Fastening with TESA Powerstrip (usually can be removed without leaving any residue, but less fixation in the orthogonal direction) 

              Note: When fixing with a nail or TESA Powerstrip, the absorbers must be pulled away to the side. Otherwise, the magnetic force will be stronger than the adhesive strength of the power strip or the holding force of the nail and the magnet will tear off the wall. 

              For optimal alignment, the absorber elements can then be carefully moved or rotated slightly. 

              Sound absorber assembly: This is how you create limitless variety

              Sound absorber assembly combine fennext

              No matter which way you ultimately choose to install your sound absorbers: let your creativity run wild! All FENNEXT sound absorbers can be combined with each other , so you can create limitless variety . Our absorbers are available in Basotect foam, HIFI acoustic fleece and acoustic foam versions as well as in different material thicknesses . In this way, a wide variety of requirements can be specifically covered. The combination results in excellent acoustic properties across all relevant frequencies .

              After successfully installing the sound absorbers, you can see the acoustic and visual effect for yourself: the reduced reverberation ensures improved room acoustics. Thanks to the high-quality surface and individual design options, the absorbers are a real eye-catcher. 

              Tip: Adapt the room acoustics and design exactly to your ideas by letting your sound absorber image grow as you wish using the extension kits or other sets. 

              And because joy shared is joy doubled: Visit us on our Instagram channel @FENNEXT.GERMANY and support us by creating your own post with your sound absorbers using the hashtag #FENNEXT. We are looking forward to your pictures! 


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